Investments & Retirement

Investments & Retirement

Will you reach your goals?

Are you going to be okey?

How will the government look after you?

  • Coordinating tax planning
  • Tax efficient investment portfolios

Budget & Debt Management

  • Mortgage Audit
  • Line of Credit, Credit Cards & Loan Audit
  • Net Worth Statement

Happy Clients Say

When I think of Janine Oliver the first word that comes to mind is professional. I have had several dealings with Janine and she is always honest; efficient and professional.Isnt that what you would like in a financial advisor? If you leave a message she gets back to you quickly and provides you a quote in a very timely manner.

I have also referred Janine's service and they are happy customers as well.

Janine is also very giving of her time to speak at various groups to help their members get a handle on their finances.

I know if you choose to deal with Janine you will not be disappointed.

- Carolyn Z.